Humans recharges with a strong start to series two while Twitter gets tense over Poldark


More than two million viewers tuned in to watch Humans as the launch of its second series welcomed back key characters, but in new places.

The Channel 4 sci-fi drama returned to the lives of fugitive synths (humanoid robots originally designed to be household help) who have attempted to start fresh as they become more sentient.

The first episode of the series, which was broadcast at 9pm on Sunday, was watched by 2.1 million people, with more viewers aged 16-34 than on any other channel.

Humans wheels in for a second series.
Humans wheels in for a second series (David Parry/PA)

The penultimate episode of Poldark season two, on BBC One at the same time, also garnered a strong audience of 5.4 million viewers as the Cornish period drama reached a climax.

Nearly a quarter of UK viewers tuned in to the steamy "will they, won't they" scenes as Demelza contemplated getting her own back on Ross.

And it really got into people's heads...

But it's only the beginning for Humans, and viewers are just warming up...

At least, when Poldark finishes next Sunday, the synths will be there to mend our weeping, human hearts!