David Hasselhoff backs Hillary Clinton as he appears at Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare preview


David Hasselhoff believes Hillary Clinton will make a "really good president" and has backed the Democrat candidate to beat Donald Trump in the upcoming US election.

Speaking at a preview day for the new Call Of Duty game - Infinite Warfare - and its spin-off Zombies In Spaceland in which the actor stars, Hasselhoff said he thought Mrs Clinton's previous White House experience would decide the contest among voters.

"They (the Clintons) really have a sense of the whole picture of what's going on," the former Knight Rider star said.

"That sometimes can be a little bit frightening because you can be as brash and insane and as crazy as Donald Trump, but you like that because he's finally saying what we want to say - like 'what the F is going on, stop all this'.

Hillary Clinton
(Patrick Farrell/AP)

"But in the end I think she has the experience, I really do. No matter what mistakes she's made. It's nothing everybody who's been president hasn't ever done, she's just getting caught doing it and I think it's not a big deal, I really don't.
I think she's going to make a really good president."

The actor has been digitally recreated as part of his role in Zombies in Spaceland, where he plays the DJ at a 1980s-inspired theme park that has been overrun by zombies.

David Hasselhoff

"Call Of Duty was, to be honest, new to me and when I saw the first version of it and played last year's version I was amazed at how real it was and how quick and fast it was," he said.

The series first launched in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the largest video games franchises in history.

This year's main game, Infinite Warfare, which moves the game into the far future and space for the first time, also includes cameo appearances from Conor McGregor and Lewis Hamilton, while Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington is the game's villain.

Hasselhoff is joined in the Zombies spin-off by Pee-wee Herman star Paul Reubens.

"I was amazed by the people who actually play the game and how they were so good at it - I was awful," Hasselhoff said, adding he found the Zombies gameplay much more to his liking.

"So when Zombies came up I went 'wait a second, I can actually hit these guys', because they walk a little slower and in a straight line.

Zombies in Spaceland

"And when you kill a zombie, the leg comes off and there's blood everywhere - it's over-the-top. I really like that.

"I was really happy to be a part of the version that's not cartoonish, but in a way kind of appeals to a larger section of players because it's not like a war game, it's a completely ridiculous, over-the-top zombies game."