Watching Channel 4's How to Build a Human has viewers freaked out about AI robots


To coincide with new series of Humans, actress Gemma Chan met experts from around the world who specialise in artificial intelligence to find out more about the possibilities of building human robot.

How to Build a Human, a Channel 4 documentary, sees Gemma (who plays an android known as Mia in the sci-fi drama) work with scientists and engineers in an experiment to create a robotic version of herself.

Gemma Chan.
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

Pretending to be a robot for a TV series is one thing, but how would Gemma feel about coming face-to-face with a robot that looks and talks exactly like her?

Unsurprisingly, she was spooked out (in a nice way) - as were we:

(Channel 4)

To test "robot Gemma", the team arranged one-to-one interviews with unsuspecting journalists through Skype.

The AI bot confused her interviewers at first but soon she grasped the nuances of human conversation and began to answer questions from reporters.

And some journalists who interviewed "robot Gemma", were at least for a few seconds, convinced they were speaking to a real person.

Scientists believe AI robots could become a reality in the future - a thought that has many people freaked out:

But the programme certainly made an interesting watch: