National Cat Day: Here are 8 of our favourite fictional cats to celebrate


It's National Cat Day, which means a day of feline festivities and general appreciation for our four-legged friends.

But, hey, why should REAL cats hog all the limelight? After all, some of our favourite mogs are fictional and they deserve some recognition too.

1. Snowball II

Bart Simpson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The second of the Simpsons' feline friends, Snowball II, unsurprisingly, replaced Snowball I, who was apparently killed in a car accident.

Snowball II is just about the most peripheral recurring Simpsons character but what we do know of her is that she is shown to get on with the family dog, Santa's Little Helper, and is often skittish.

Snowball II also has a difficult relationship with Homer, who she often demonstrates hostile behaviour towards. D'oh.

2. Top Cat

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The indisputable leader of the gang.

From a peripheral figure to the main event. Top Cat and his alley-cat friends form a gang of Manhattan mogs who are constantly occupying the time of local policeman Officer Dibble.

Episodes of Top Cat usually revolve around jewellery, love interests or money, and Top Cat, whether rightly or wrongly, is usually at the centre of the trouble.

3. Garfield

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Garfield hates Mondays and loves lasagne. If you had to write him a dating profile, that is what it would say.

Apparently born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, Garfield's a bit of a pain. He's lazy, cynical and often mean to owner Jon and dog Odie. He would probably be described as 'sassy' these days but we think he's just plain rude.

4. The Cheshire Cat

A scene from the Disney animated film 'Alice in Wonderland' - (DPA/PA)

The Cheshire Cat was popularised by Lewis Carroll's fantastical novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but the phrase dates back as far as the late 18th century, predating the book.

In Carroll's fantasy world, the Cheshire Cat is a mischievous presence, disappearing whenever he sees fit, holding odd conversations and generally generating curiosity. His legend has endured and he remains famous over 150 years since his novel debut.

5. Tom Cat - Tom and Jerry

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It's news to us that the famous Hanna-Barbera mog has a full name and that name is Thomas 'Tom' Cat. It does, however, make total sense; more so than Jerry Mouse anyway...

Tom dates back to 1940, which makes him 76 years old, and during that time he has tirelessly pursued Jerry Mouse, attempting to catch his nemesis through traps and deception which usually backfire on him.

We think Tom should forget Jerry and enjoy his retirement, but you can't teach an old cat new tricks.

6. Bagpuss

Bagpuss - (PA)

Bagpuss is described as "the saggy, old cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams." Sounds like us on a Monday morning to be fair.

Bagpuss was owned by Emily, who kept a shop which, curiously, sold nothing. Instead, Emily would bring lost or broken items back and display them in the window, with Bagpuss, for owners to come and collect.

When Emily left, Bagpuss would wake up along with other toys and entertainment would ensue. Terrifying stuff.

7. Puss in Boots

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Puss in Boots as a character has possibly the most ancient origin of all the cats in this list, dating as far as the mid 16th century. However, it is Antonio Banderas's interpretation in Shrek 2 that we're analysing here.

Hired to assassinate Shrek, Puss confronts the green ogre, clawing at him for some time before a hairball gets in the way. He pleads for Shrek's mercy and joins the group despite Donkey's protestations that "the position of annoying talking animal" is already taken.

Puss proves useful however, using his trademark big cute eyes to lure enemies into a false sense of security before pouncing. Aww... Ahhh!

8. Mog the forgetful cat

Mog is a creation of Judith Kerr who featured in a series of children's books from 1970 to 2002, but was brought back for a Sainsbury's Christmas advert in 2015.

Although Mog is known for her forgetfulness, here it is her clumsy character which moves the plot along. During the night before Christmas, Mog has a bad dream and her tail knocks the Christmas lights. The result is a domino effect of chaos, with the end result being the destruction of the family home.

However, Mog accidentally saves the day, having inadvertently dialled 999 during the commotion before running outside covered in Christmas lights and leading the firemen to the house.

The neighbours help clean up and everyone has a lovely Christmas after all. Mog is rewarded with an egg, for some reason.