Viewers were split over The Fall series finale


After three series of gripping drama, psychological thriller The Fall went out with a bang on Friday night.

Some viewers have complained the latest series hasn't lived up to the standards of its predecessors but with an action-packed episode of interrogation, violent attacks and a murder, the finale certainly pulled no punches.

The Fall
(BBC/The Fall 3 Ltd/Helen Sloan)

Lots of people noticed the sudden cranking up of the action, dividing opinion.

The real action kicked off when Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), under persistent questioning from Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), lashed out at the police officer in violent scenes we've grown accustomed to.

Moved to a psychiatry unit, Spector's violence continued until he suffocated himself - to the unsettling despair of some fans of the serial killer.

However some people were annoyed that Spector escaped prison.

The episode ended with DSI Gibson drinking wine and this viewer said what we were all thinking.

Absolutely, Michelle.