Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? Find out why a photograph has the whole world confused


Tom Hanks is the acting legend of classics such as Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, and of course as Woody from Toy Story.

Meanwhile Bill Murray is the screen hero of Ghostbusters, Caddyshack and the voice of Garfield from the movies.

In short, these two are in A League Of Their Own.

Bill Murray and Tom Hanks
Murray and Hanks are legends of film (Evan Agostini/AP/Andrew Medichini/AP)

Know who we mean?

Well now the two Americans have been put in the public eye for a much, much more important reason. Take a good hard look at this photo.

So who is that? Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

It's actually quite tough isn't it, and this question has been causing Big waves on social media.

Interesting logic.

Seriously, it has had people more confused than The Da Vinci Code.

While others have just been weird about it.

Before you go believing Ukip politician Roger thinks he's Larger Than Life though, this is a parody account. Poor Roger.

Elsewhere, some decided they would Get Smart and mix the puzzling photo with another which had people confused recently.

Don't go thinking it's Groundhog Day and it's "the dress" all over again though, there is an answer to the Murray-Hanks conundrum - it's Bill Murray.

The original picture was taken by Facebook user Laura DiMichele-Ross three years ago for the page "Reasons My Son Is Crying", after she met him with her son in his orange get-up when he was playing golf at St Andrews in Scotland - we guess it just got Cast Away into the interweb and Lost In Translation.

I can only apologise for the Murray and Hanks based puns in this piece. If you would like to send a complaint - Catch Me If You Can.