Karthik is everyone's Apprentice winner


If anyone's emerging as this year's stand-out candidate on the Apprentice, it has to be Karthik Nagesan.

Who knows if he has the best business credentials - after all, who really watches the programme for that? But he's the one we're tuning in to watch every week.

The Apprentice
Karthik stands out from the crowd of candidates (BBC)

In the latest episode, the teams were tasked with some high-end fashion retailing. As ever, Karthik jumped in with both feet.

Candidates often use the excuse that they have no expertise in the particular challenge, but not Karthik - he threw himself into fashion styling as if it was his greatest passion.

But it seems the viewers still can't get over that eyebrow.

We're keeping our fingers crossed he wins over Lord Sugar and survives a while longer yet.