Everyone's sharing their nature snaps for the end of Autumnwatch


It was the last in the series of Autumnwatch tonight, and viewers were gutted to wave farewell to the programme.

The BBC nature show has plenty of fans, who took the opportunity to share their own wildlife snaps as it drew to a close on BBC Two.

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan waved goodbye to autumn (BBC)

One fan showed off a pretty picture of some autumn leaves as the show kicked off.

Tonight, the presenters were focusing on funghi and there were some fantastic audience photos of mushrooms.

Some have been having a go at encouraging their own nature scenes, inspired by the series.

One even had to contend with a fox to get to the TV in time.

But as ever, we enjoyed the many photos of cats loving Autumnwatch - proving we don't need to venture out of our cosy living rooms to see nature in action.

Fans couldn't believe the series had come to an end so soon.

So long, Autumnwatch - looking forward to Winterwatch already.