Candice and her new hairdo praise Bake Off as an 'amazing series'

Great British Bake Off 2016 winner Candice Brown has paid tribute to the "amazing" programme at a book signing event, after baking her way to victory in the show's most watched episode ever.

She joined finalists Andrew Smyth and Jane Beedle at a Waterstones book store in central London on Thursday, after being crowned champion during the show's finale broadcast on BBC One on Wednesday.

The PE teacher, 31, sported a new deep red hairstyle, complimented by her signature lipstick and a gleaming sparkler on her engagement ring finger.

Candice Brown (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Candice Brown (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Commenting on the finale, she said: "Every series is amazing... but that was a really good episode."

An average of 14 million viewers watched the finale of the programme's last season on the BBC, compared with 13.4 million who watched Nadiya Hussain take the crown last year.

Mother-of-two Jane, also revealing a fresh, darker hair colour at the signing event, urged viewers to keep watching the show when it moves to Channel 4 next year without hosts Mary Berry, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc.

She said: "Everybody should give it a go. The lovely thing about Bake Off is it is the sort of show you can watch with your little kids, and your big kids.

Finalists looked impressively fresh after Selasi's Bake Off party on Wednesday night.
The Bake Off finalists Jane, left, Candice and Andrew (Isabel Infantes/PA)

"Whoever the presenter is, Bake Off is still the sort of thing you want to have on in your sitting room."

But fans queuing with copies of the new £20 recipe book accompanying the programme's seventh series were more sceptical about the show's future without the original team.

A group of seven - all sporting colourful lipstick inspired by Candice - said they would watch the first episode of the show when it moves to Channel 4, but they predicted it will see a "massive drop" in popularity.

"It depends on the other people they get to present it," they said. "It will be a different viewing experience, but it won't be Bake Off."

Asked what they would like to see the latest Bake Off contestants do next, Emma Coffey said: "We want to see Selasi and Val on a road trip. Or basically anything with Selasi. We are hoping that if we just think of him enough he will appear."

Basically, anything with Selasi.
Selasi, at the centre of the bottom row, remains a fans' favourite (Mark Bourdillo/BBC/PA)

Fan Zoe Adams added: "Bake Off has brought joy to a pretty rocky year. It's good clean fun.

"It's a nice change to see a competition with supportive judges where the contestants are kind to each other and people watching can be inspired and have a go themselves. Everybody can make a cake."

Candice echoed the warm feelings between the team in an interview on ITV's Loose Women on Thursday morning.

Speaking especially about Jane, who she is planning on travelling to France with, she said: "We got on brilliantly. They used to have to tell us 'remember this is a competition'.

Emotional and inspirational - essentially great telly.
Emotional and inspirational - essentially great telly (Mark Bourdillon/BBC/PA)

"We got on so well and I just love Jane and I couldn't have shared that moment (in the final) with two better bakers. I mean they were all amazing, but those two..."

She added: "I love baking and this has increased my love of baking. If I can get my little vintage shop selling tea and cakes with random antiques, that would be my ultimate dream.

"Let's wait and see what will come my way but I will be grabbing it with both hands and running with it, that's for sure. It would be crazy not to, wouldn't it?"

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