Watch live as the cast of Burn! Burn! Burn! join us in the AOL Build UK Studio

Burn Burn Burn

Liven up your Thursday afternoon by joining us for a chat with the stars of upcoming film Burn Burn Burn. We will be streaming the event live from 2:00pm BST (October 27) or you can watch on demand later in the day.

Join Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey, Marcella, A United Kingdom), Susan Wokoma (Chewing Gum, Crazyhead), and Chanya Button the stars and director of the upcoming comedy drama Burn Burn Burn. The female buddy-comedy road trip joins Seph and Alex as they stow their late friend's ashes in tupperware and take off to fulfill his last wishes of being scattered across the UK.

Coming live from the AOL Build Studio in London, Huffington Post Entertainment editor Caroline Frost will host the interview and select questions from the audience in the studio and those watching live online.

To submit questions for the actors just tweet them to BUILD Series LDN then see if they get asked live.

So join us via the AOL Homepage for what should be a fascinating interview as part of the AOL Build series.