Great British Bake Off 2016's 10 cheekiest innuendos

As series seven of The Great British Bake Off comes to an end, fans of the cake contest will be hoping to see it bow out on some showstopping innuendos.

The programme and its presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, and judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, are renowned for their cheeky comments throughout each episode of the genteel show, with viewers tuning in to see what saucy jokes they will get away with each week.

Great British Bake Off
Finalist Andrew and presenter Mel (BBC)

But as this will be the final instalment under the current team and the replacement stars for the new Channel 4 version, other than Paul, have not been announced, many will want to see the cheekiness ramped up tonight for old times' sake.

Here are 10 of the best innuendos from series seven so far.

1. Pies

Great British Bake Off
Jane Beedle (BBC)

Contestant Jane Beedle, explaining that Paul had just given her pies a feel:

"Paul's just given them a squeeze and gave me a look."

2. Sausage

Great British Bake Off
Candice Brown (BBC)

Contestant Candice Brown, making her sausagemeat, black pudding and apple amuse-bouches:

"Just giving it good squeeze together to make sure I can see the distribution of it, see if I need a bit more sausage. It's good to get your hands in and give your sausages a good squeeze."

3. Soggy Bottom

Great British Bake Off
Paul and Mary (BBC)

Paul, admiring Mary's Bakewell Tart:

"No soggy bottom there, Mary."

4. Paul's Big Mouth

Paul, explaining how small he likes his amuse-bouches:

"I know I've got a big mouth, but I'm talking inch and a half max."

5. Tosser

Great British Bake Off
Mel and Andrew (BBC)

Mel quizzes Candice over her pancake-flipping technique:

Mel: "Are you a tosser or a flipper?"

Candice: "Oh, I'm a tosser all the way, Mel."

6. Fingers

Great British Bake Off
The Bake Off gang (BBC)

Announcing the week's theme:

"It's bread week - this is your chance to get your dough prodded by Paul Hollywood's digits of doom."

7. Balls and Bottoms

Sue and contestant Kate Barmby on how her technical challenge was faring:

Sue: "Kate, how are your balls?"

Kate: "I'm just pinching their bottoms."

8. Tasty Sister

Great British Bake Off
Candice Brown (BBC)

"I think your sister tastes lovely" - Paul gives his verdict on contestant Val Stones' gingerbread version of her sibling.

9. Jugs

"Can you come and grab my jugs please?" - Candice requires Mel's help with accoutrements to her pub Showstopper.

10. Nuts

Jane on how to make a good praline:

"Just shove the nuts in."

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