X Factor fans are fuming over the 'unfair' change in voting rules


Fans of The X Factor are still incredibly irritated over a new twist to the voting rules that was announced at the weekend.

The show's host Dermot O'Leary revealed during Saturday night's live broadcast that voting would commence before the acts had performed.

Usually, voting opens at the end of the episode after everyone has had their turn.

Honey G
Fans of The X Factor are unhappy over the 'unfair' new voting twist (Syco/Thames TV)

This change prompted viewers to question the legitimacy of such a move, with many pondering how one could vote for someone who had not yet had their chance to sing.

Some claimed it changed the ITV talent show into a "popularity contest" rather than a singing competition.

Viewers took to Twitter to condemn the new voting rules, with one writing: "The fact that you can vote before any of them have even sang shows it's a popularity contest and not a singing contest."

Another asked: "Why is the vote open before they've sung surely that isn't fair in any way?"

One claimed that the vote was opened early so that "more money" could be made.

Another thorn in the side of the viewing public is the repeated success of controversial contestant, rapper Honey G, who has kept her place in the competition thus far.

Sunday night's live results show saw Relley C and Four Of Diamonds in the bottom two, with the former losing the sing-off and becoming the latest to leave the competition.

Relley C
Relley C is the latest to leave The X Factor (Syco/Thames/Burmiston)

Fans are fuming over her exit while Honey G lives to rap another week.