Busted performed on the X Factor and led everyone on a trip down memory lane


Isle of Wight festival 2016

Well, that was a surprise. We knew Shawn Mendes and John Legend were set to perform, but The X Factor results show kicked off with a song from Busted, live in the flesh!

And it was a real trip down memory lane, with the band performing their hit from 14 years ago Year 3000.

Remember how care free life was when Busted put this song out?

Nobody at your school disliked it. It was impossible not to love.

Although, for some it was a little traumatising.

And not just because they were remembering the past.

Some people were a bit confused yet again about what is supposed to be Diva week.

And others were pining for more songs like the classic.

Most pleasingly of all though, was the revelation that Charlie still has *those* brows.

Never change Charlie...