Is this the best Halloween prank of the year?


Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, it's actually the Grim Reaper sailing through the air.

Don't worry, this video isn't proving the existence of Dementors (which would be simultaneously amazing and terrifying), but is actually a Wisconsin native playing a dastardly prank.

Michael Irvine from Peshtigo wanted to use his DJI Phantom Pro 3 drone, but wasn't content with just flying it around and taking pictures - he wanted to step things up a notch.

(Jennifer Irvine)

His wife Jennifer told us how he attached a grim reaper Halloween decoration to the drone with a fishing line, and the results are eerily realistic.

Halloween with the Irvines is set to be a big one, with Jennifer saying: "My husband and my father both have the same drone and Halloween decoration. So, for Halloween they plan to fly them both around the neighbourhood.

Grim reaper
(Jennifer Irvine)

"We love Halloween so it should be fun."

Because what better way to test out your favourite bit of tech and celebrate Halloween, all at the same time?