Benidorm set for US remake - in Mexico


British sitcom Benidorm is getting a US remake - set in Mexico.

The ITV show, featuring holidaymakers in a Spanish seaside resort and starring Sherrie Hewson in the new series, has been picked up by US network Fox.

The British series, which has featured dysfunctional families, middle-aged swingers and bickering couples among the guests, has run for eight series and was first broadcast in 2007.

Jake Canuso (Ian West/PA)
Jake Canuso (Ian West/PA)

The US show, called The Big Package, will feature "a blue-collar Boston family on the brink of financial disaster" who holiday in a third-rate resort alongside "boisterous and crude guests" in Mexico, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A ninth series of the British comedy, created by Derren Litten, and also starring Jake Canuso, will air next year.