Joanna Lumley: I worry I'm not glamorous enough


BUILD Series Event: Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley has said she fears she won't match up to people's expectations of her as the glamorous Patsy.

The star, 70, said she thinks people will be shocked when they discover she's looking "tatty" and not like her Ab Fab alter ego.

She told AOL Build Series LDN: "As you get older and older, you think... will I be letting people down... because I'm mouldering away and looking so tatty?

Joanna Lumley at a premiere
Joanna Lumley (Ian West/PA)

"All the time you're thinking, have I got anything that people will think fits up to what people imagine I will be like?

"Because I go by Tube, I shop in supermarkets. It's quite difficult to be the person that I think people would rather I was. Sometimes I think they'd rather I was Patsy."

Joanna also talked about her love of old-fashioned courtesy and manners.

Joanna Lumley
Joanna Lumley (Chris Jackson/PA)

"Every time a man opens a door for me, I'm absolutely thrilled," she said.

"I was taught as I child to stand up for older people or strangers when they enter a room. It's a great sign of respect. We've lost a lot of courtesy."

And she called for less money to spent on space exploration - and more on protecting our planet.

"It irritates me that people are travelling to the moon and Mars to look for water when we're killing off this planet so fast and haven't bothered to protect this extraordinary, unfathomably beautiful place....", she said.

"It's interesting... but don't let's spend billions on it."