Lisa Snowdon calls boyfriend of one year her 'best friend'


Model and presenter Lisa Snowdon has revealed she is planning to marry her boyfriend of a year but is in no rush to do so.

Lisa first met George (no, not that one) Smart 14 years ago when they both worked at MTV and the couple were reintroduced a year ago when they hit it off.

The 44-year-old told Hello! magazine: "He's my best friend. He's understanding, nurturing and thoughtful and he gets me beyond anyone I've ever met before. He cares about me and I care about him. It feels like we were meant to be together.

Lisa and George Smart
Lisa and her boyfriend George Smart (Hello)

Asked if she and entrepreneur George will marry, Lisa said: "Yes, at some point. But there's no pressure because we fit ... I know we'll be together forever."

The former Britain's Next Top Model presenter, who once dated Hollywood actor George Clooney, warned against the dangers of dating "bad boys".

She said: "Many girls are attracted to them. They think it's really exciting, but it doesn't work out. At least it didn't for me."