Fashionista or Freddy Krueger? Claudia's dress a big talking point among Strictly fans


Forget the dancing, the critics on Strictly tonight were firmly focused on host Claudia Winkleman's dress.

The brunette donned a pink and red striped number for the results show, and opinion on Twitter was divided.

Claudia Winkleman (BBC)
Claudia Winkleman (BBC)

Many really didn't like it. At all.

And they had some theories on what had inspired Claudia, with Bagpuss and Wally among the suggestions.

A couple of viewers even suggested that the dress reminded them of killer Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street movies.

But there were also plenty of positive tweets about Claudia's dress.

Many fans even want to get their hands on one like it.

Hey, at least you got us talking Claudia!