Dr Dwight stole the show for Poldark viewers


We didn't think it'd be possible but it actually looks like there's another guy in Poldark who's stealing the hearts of the nation as well as Ross.

Dr Dwight Enys was certainly the man of the hour in tonight's episode as he leapt from adventure to adventure, much to the concern of viewers at home.

First off there was the worry that he would elope with Caroline.

Then he got in a fight with Charlie and it didn't look like it was going to end well for him.

dr enys on the show in a fight (Screengrab/BBC)

And then because of all that kerfuffle, Caroline ended up leaving without him. And it made him look so very sad.

dr enys on the show reading a letter(Screengrab/BBC)

All the while doing lots of doctor things like fix people's dislocated legs, and also heroic things like rescue his friends from an ambush.

Don't worry Dr Dwight, I'm sure there are literally millions of women who would happily replace Caroline right now.