Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake just pulled off GENIUS phone pranks on London toy shops

They're not just pretty faces on the screen, they're also brilliant actors over the radio.

Actor Anna Kendrick and singer Justin Timberlake were challenged by BBC Radio 1´s Matt Edmondson to prank call two London toy shops and they did a pretty impressive job.

Their task was to get through the entire alphabet by asking the shop employee questions about merchandise from the Trolls film, starting each line with the next letter of the alphabet.

It was tense, we thought he might not make it, but Justin just about managed to pull through to the end, finishing up with a simple "Zed" as he hung up on the baffled store worker.

But then Anna blew his efforts out of the water by asking about merchandise from other Pixar movies to fill in some of the trickier letters.

Kung Fu Panda and Zootropolis were among her sneakiest name-drops.

Cheeky duo Anna and Justin getting ready for the Trolls release.
Cheeky duo Anna and Justin getting ready for the Trolls release (Greg Allen/AP)

You can't help feeling bad for the poor Saturday staff answering their bizarre, drawn out phone calls - without even knowing who they were - but it was a pretty creative way to promote the film!

Anna and Justin's voices star as Poppy and Branch in the DreamWorks film Trolls, coming to UK cinemas on October 21.

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