Apprentice Jessica is definitely a memorable project manager


You know in the first few episodes of The Apprentice when you don't really notice some of the contestants are even there?

Well, Jessica Cunningham made sure she didn't fall into that category tonight.

Jessica Cunningham The Apprentice
Jessica had a bit of a breakdown (BBC)

The online fashion entrepreneur took charge of the women's team in an advertising challenge that saw the candidates tasked with creating a brand of Japanese jeans.

Unfortunately, Jessica got unbelievably stressed out from the word go, alienated half her team, and was talking at about the speed you'd expect if you'd drunk approximately 27 cups of coffee by 6am.

She gave some very odd pep talks to her team during brainstorming, even warning them to keep it classy and stay away masks?

One viewer wondered whether Jessica had ended up on the wrong show.

A real low point came when the team mislaid their prototype jeans early on, which resulted in poor old Jessica collapsing in tears and having to leave the photoshoot to calm down about the lack of essential props.

At least the lost jeans debacle fitted, in some weird way, with the branding of the jeans which they'd called Unclaimed.

And the less said about the advert the better. It was filmed in a toilet, and unfortunately, Jessica chose Taylor Swift's Shake It Off as a soundtrack.

Gosh, we're exhausted just watching Jessica race through this task. Can she keep up this level of energy if she stays in?