Adele tells US fans: "It's serious...get out and vote"


Adele has ranted about the US election - and reportedly visited the White House.

The singer, 28, told concert-goers at her gig in Washington that she was unimpressed by political proceedings.

According to The Washington Post, she asked about the contest: "Did anyone watch the debate last night?

Adele (Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire/PA Images)

"Jesus f***ing Christ. I'm not going to get political but I'm sure you know who I like and who I don't f***ing like.

"I didn't say names but I'm embarrassed for you. I'm embarrassed for humanity."

Adele (Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images)

She added: "Everyone promise me you're gonna get out and vote. It's serious."

There were also reports about Adele visiting the White House.

According to The Sun, the singer even dedicated a song to First Lady Michelle Obama.