Keeley Hawes read about Madeleine McCann ahead of The Missing role


Keeley Hawes has revealed she read Kate McCann's book about her daughter Madeleine to help her prepare to play the mother of an abducted girl.

The Line Of Duty actress - a mum of three in real life - stars in the second series of The Missing, playing a woman whose daughter is discovered alive years after she vanished.

Keeley, 40, told the Mirror: "I read the book Kate McCann wrote about Madeleine going missing.

Keeley Hawes at a Bafta event
Keeley Hawes (Joel Ryan/AP/PA)

"It was fascinating and I just think it unbelievable she was able to (write it).

"But I imagine it must have been quite cathartic, in a way.

"It doesn't make for comfortable reading but then the story isn't comfortable."

She said her "heart goes out" to Mrs McCann.

Keeley admitted the role has been a challenge and that, as a mother, she used to avoid television shows about children being snatched.

"I probably did it now as the kids are older and it was really challenging and I do like a challenge," she said.