Harry Hill wants to make a musical about Bake Off


Harry Hill apparently has big dreams of taking Bake Off's soggy bottoms to the stage.

The comedian already has a theatre version of The X Factor under his belt, and it seems he is now eyeing the adored baking programme.

Harry told The Sun: "I am hoping to do another musical. A Bake Off musical is an idea."

The funnyman got friendly with The Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood while making Harry Hill's Tea-Time.

Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood (Matt Alexander/PA)

And he is hoping Paul can help out if he gets the production off the ground.

He said: "Now Paul and I are pals, maybe he could help.

"I've proved my cooking skill on Tea-Time and I can channel it in to a musical."

Harry's X Factor musical I Can't Sing! debuted in London in 2014 but closed later the same year, having failed to set the theatre world on fire.

 Simon Cowell and Harry Hill (John Phillips AP/Press Association Images)
Simon Cowell and Harry Hill (John Phillips/AP

But Harry believes a show based on Bake Off production might fare a little better.

"The people who watch Bake Off are slightly older and they're the ones who buy tickets for musicals," he explained.