The Night Manager bosses can't believe hoo-hah over Tom Hiddleston's naked bum


The Night Manager crew have thrown a virtual bucket of cold water over all of those Tom Hiddleston fans who still can't get over the sight of his bare bum.

Viewers of the BBC adaptation of the John Le Carre thriller got all flustered over a scene where Tom's character Jonathan Pine dropped his trousers to get intimate with Jed, played by Elizabeth Debicki, even spawning the Twitter hashtag #Hiddlesbum.

But according to Digital Spy, the programme makers told a Royal Television Society event that they couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Debicki
Tom and Elizabeth played lovers in the thriller (Richard Shotwell/AP)

Director Susanne Bier began: "Can we just be clear - you actually have to undo your pants in order to have sex! There's nothing particularly surprising or revolutionary about that."

Writer David Farr, who also spoke at the event, The Night Manager: Anatomy of a Hit, called the reaction "utterly, utterly absurd" and continued: "It is ridiculous, the hoo-hah about this.

"We were totally amazed - we couldn't believe it. There have been lots of bums on TV - so it's nothing to do with a naked bum. It's sex - it's to do with the primal thing of watching people f***ing."

Hmm, we're sure Hiddleston fans could explain a thing or two about why the scene was such a hit.

Meanwhile, producer Simon Cornwell said that the team would love to create a sequel to the successful drama.

He said: "There is no book and there's never been a Le Carré story which has been extended beyond the confines of the novel. It would be interesting and exciting to try that."