Secret to happiness? Throwing giant sticks for my dog, says Russell Brand

Russell Brand has revealed his secret to happiness - throwing too-large sticks for his dog.

The controversial comedian, who lends his voice to upbeat animated film Trolls, says he believes optimism comes down to a belief in the goodness of people and the possibility of change

He told the Radio Times: "It's a waste of time spending your life fearing for the worst because in a way, for a lot of people, the apocalypse has already happened.

Russell Brand at the Trew Era Cafe.
Russell Brand at the Trew Era Cafe (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/PA)

"Homelessness is lots of people's worst personal fear but many are already living that; they've lost people they love, they've lost their possessions, they've lost their ability to have influence on the world."

Russell, who has battled addictions in the past, plays Creek in the new film based on the children's toys.

He told the magazine: "I like the Trolls' approach to happiness - singing and dancing and covering everyone in glitter like a big gay gang.

A whole lot of happiness, according to Russell Brand.
A whole lot of happiness, according to Russell Brand (Mel Evans AP/PA)

"But sometimes all it takes to cheer someone up is a delicious nectarine or Only Fools and Horses.

"Yesterday I threw a much-too-big stick into the river for my dog, who is also much too big.

"Those two giant things in the river made me feel very peaceful and happy. A massive log and a massive dog - that could be the secret to happiness."

The full interview is in the Radio Times, on sale now.

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