It's more nerve-racking than election night, says Strictly survivor Balls

Strictly Come Dancing 2016

Waiting for the results after each round of Strictly Come Dancing is "more tense than a general election", according to Ed Balls.

The former Labour MP confirmed that contestants had no idea if they had done enough to stay in the competition until the results were announced.

After making it to the third round of the contest on Sunday, he said: "I can categorically confirm we had no idea whether we were safe or in the dance-off. Just a long wait, thinking we would probably have to dance our routine again.

"Smokin'" Ed Balls channels his inner Jim Carrey for Mask performance on Strictly (Guy Levy/BBC/PA)

"Which, for me, made the results even more tense than a general election. When candidates to be MPs stand on stage to hear the Returning Officer read out the votes, they've already been told the results backstage - and have had a few minutes to prepare."

But Ed, 49, added that his former Westminster colleagues have been equally supportive of his dancing career.

He added: "I had so many politicians - George Osborne, Michael Gove, Gordon Brown - telling me "well done", but what made me happiest was a mum telling me she was reading my book when her eight-year-old daughter saw my picture on the front, and said, 'That's that really good dancer'."

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