Danny Mac reveals his anxiety over Strictly Come Dancing routines


Strictly Come Dancing star Danny Mac has revealed he is suffering from anxiety about his routines despite his success on the dance floor.

The former Hollyoaks actor, 28, has wowed the judges and been at the top of the leader board with his energetic performances.

But he told Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 breakfast show that knowing just how many millions of people tune into the BBC One show left him suffering from anxiety.

Danny Mac and Oti on Strictly (BBC Pictures)
Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse on Strictly (BBC Pictures)

Mac said: "It leaves you wanting to throw up all day. I've never known nerves like it in my life.

"But, being an actor, I think it transforms into adrenaline and that goes into your performance. You have to go out and trust that your arms and legs will know what they're doing."

Mac also admitted that he and his professional dance partner Oti Mabuse are prone to a few spats during rehearsals.

Danny Mac on Strictly (BBC Pictures)
Danny Mac on Strictly (BBC Pictures)

He said: "She kicks my backside every single day, but it's been totally worth it."

Mabuse said: "From Monday to Wednesday it's such a stressful time for us. We're literally on each other's nerves.

Danny Mac  (Jay Brooks/BBC/PA Images)
Danny Mac (Jay Brooks/BBC/PA Images)

"I'm like, 'You should be able to walk and stand up by now'. It's really bad on a Monday."

Next week, the pair will be dancing the quickstep to Frank Sinatra's I Won't Dance.

Mac said: "I'm over the moon about it. It's my first proper, classic number. It's something my nan would love."

The actor admitted he was embarrassed when he was sent out in a revealing outfit on the Strictly launch show.

He said: "I did feel massively exposed. I asked the costume guys, 'Can we rein it in a bit?'

Danny Mac  (Jay Brooks/BBC/PA Images)
Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse (Jay Brooks/BBC/PA Images)

"It was really low, very tight, down to my belly button. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't walked into the green room and everyone else was fully dressed."

He added former shadow chancellor Ed Balls was "amazing" on the dance floor.

Mac said: "He's going out and fully doing it. And doing it well. He's not there to make a joke of himself. He's one of the best performers on the show."

Mac said he was sad Tameka Empson and Melvin Odoom left the show in the first few weeks.

He said: "It's just horrible, but you like everyone. There's not going to be a week when you go, 'That's okay. I didn't like them'.

"We've been so lucky to do so well."

He added he always wanted to dance but did not feel able to do so where he was growing up in the seaside town of Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

Mac added: "It took me four years to agree to sign up to this. I was terrified of doing it. I've always played characters. I didn't become an actor to play myself. But I'm having such a great time."