Corden: I was confident of success in the US even if I said it'd be a disaster

James Corden has admitted he would not have moved to America to host his late-night talk show if he did not believe it would be a success.

The former Gavin & Stacey star, who lends his voice to the new animated film Trolls, said he could not have taken the plunge with The Late Late Show if he had been a pessimist.

He told the Radio Times: "At the same time, it would have been very naive of me to speak publicly about it being successful before it had even started.

James Corden supports #IAMWHOLE mental health campaign.
James Corden supports #IAMWHOLE mental health campaign (Spirit Media/PA)

"I decided that the best thing to do was to say it would be a disaster.

"If it hadn't worked, I could say: 'Yeah, well, I did say that.'"

James, who also has a successful film career, told the magazine he never expected the show to become as popular as it has been and could never have predicted the success of his Carpool Karaoke segment, which has seen him belt out hits behind the wheel with Adele, One Direction and Justin Bieber.

James Corden finds his inner Britney in Carpool Kareoke.
James Corden finds his inner Britney in Carpool Karaoke (YouTube/PA)

He added: "My biggest worry is that I'll run out of time - I really want to make the most of the time that I have.

"When you're lying on your death bed, you're never going to think, 'Oh, I wish I'd made one more TV show', or 'I wish I'd made one more film' - the only thing you're going to worry about is time with your friends and your family.

"I try to remember that all I've really got is right now."

The full interview is in the Radio Times, which is available now.

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