Victoria comes to an end, and fans don't think they can cope


The first season of Victoria is over and fans are LOSING IT.

The show has had the nation gripped, and viewers just aren't sure what can fill the void on all the Sunday nights standing between them and the oh-so-far-off second series.

Jenna Coleman as Victoria (ITV)
Jenna Coleman as Victoria (ITV)

The new series will bring Victoria into the next stage of her reign as she manages scandals, crises and the struggles of family life.

But it seems it just can't come soon enough.

Here's what people are saying:

The devastation has given rise to some rather hilarious tweets and memes.

On a brighter note, Victoria had her baby in the finale.

Fans were feeling all the feels during the touching scenes in which the family snuggled up after the birth.

But not even the arrival of the Queen's daughter could perk viewers up tonight.