It's David Cameron's 50th birthday: Here's how we think he should spend it


Remember David Cameron? You know, the guy who gave us a referendum, then ditched us when Brexit happened?

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Well, Sunday is his 50th birthday and now he is no longer PM, he's free to spend the day how he likes.

We've got a few ideas on how he should schedule his special day.

10.00am: Breakfast in bed.

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We're pretty sure David didn't get many lie-ins during his time as PM.

So now he is relieved of duties like early morning Cabinet briefings and visiting village fetes, we think he should be allowed a late breakfast in bed.

11.30: A country walk.

David cameron feeds a lamb (BBC/PA)

He may have lived in the big smoke for six years, but the country is where this man's heart is.

13:00: Visit an old friend.

You might miss Larry, Dave, but we're not sure he's missing you all that much. In fact, he's fully asserted his dominance over No 10 since you left.

Larry on the 10 Downing Street doorstep (Hannah McKay/PA)
(Hannah McKay/PA)

14.30: Catch a West End show.

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We think DC is all about matinees - leaves more time for a party later in the evening. Now he's no longer leader of Great Britain, perhaps he can go incognito to the Lion King.

17.00: Quick trip to the pub.

David Camerond and obama (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)
(Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

Pity Barack Obama is still the US president; he probably doesn't have time to share a bevvy with Dave. He'll be pretty free come November though - perhaps a belated birthday celebration?

18:00: Get dressed up to go out on the town.

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Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Dave looks great in a suit. He's the Barney Stinson of former prime ministers.

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19.00 Pre-drinks with the lads.

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Now that DC is out of power, we reckon he'll patch things up with former bestie Nick Clegg for a big night out. They have so much fun together!

10.30: Going out-out.

Maybe he can dance to the song he inadvertently wrote after resigning. We'd like to think he called it Freedom.

12.00: Off to bed

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He may be a party animal (get it?!), but he's also just turned 50. He needs his kip!

Happy birthday Dave.