The Fall viewers can hardly bear to watch as plot twist unfolds


Everyone's favourite fright fest was back on BBC Two tonight - and there was a big twist in store for viewers of The Fall.

Last week, there were complaints that the episode was too slow moving, but it seems the show's bosses were simply setting up a top piece of trickery for the plot moving forwards.

The Fall
Paul is stuck in hospital (BBC)

Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) has come round from his coma, but - gasp! - he thinks it's 2006, meaning he apparently has no idea of the atrocities he's committed in the previous two series.

Well, viewers can spot what's coming next...

They knew there was some reason why the nurse looking after him in the hospital had been cast as exactly his victim type, and it seems she could be the trigger to his memory.

We can hardly bear to watch what happens next, but something tells us it won't be ending well for the poor old nurse.