The finale of Our Girl was full of twists and turns and had viewers hooked


It took a while for viewers to get over the heartbreaking realisation that this was the last episode in the series of Our Girl.

But once they did, it was time to focus on the important matter at hand - will Georgie choose Elvis or Jamie?

Team Elvis were out in full campaigning force.

The Jamie supporters, not so much.

But that mood quickly turned around when Georgie didn't turn up at their wedding.

jamie at the wedding in the show (ITV)

She wasn't just skiving for any old reason though, she was off - with Elvis - saving a graduation ceremony from being blown up (as you do).

But actually, in the end, Georgie decided she wasn't the marrying type and headed back to the army, so didn't end up with either of them.

Viewers definitely couldn't argue that the episode was uneventful - and now they have the good news that there will be a third series.