Lorraine Kelly baffled by Charlotte Crosby dig


TV host Lorraine Kelly has dismissed Charlotte Crosby's comments about her as "odd".

The Geordie Shore star, 26, called Lorraine, 56, a "bitch" for asking her whether she felt embarrassed about wetting herself in public.

Charlotte was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine last year.

Charlotte Crosby
Charlotte Crosby (Yui Mok/PA)

But the reality star decided to voice her disapproval this week, saying that Lorraine had been "horrible" to her and "hated (her) guts".

"Lorraine Kelly is a bitch, I'm telling you now she is," she said. "I would never ever go on that show again. It was crap."

Now Lorraine has tweeted to say that she was confused by Charlotte's comments.

Charlotte made her original comments in a Facebook Live chat with In the Style.

"I went on her morning show and she was so horrible to us. She didn't even just be horrible in one answer, she continued and continued. She had it in for us, she hated my guts!," she said.

"Hate is a strong word so I strongly dislike her. I would never go on her show again. It was crap."