Honey G splits opinion as she gets a second chance at X Factor


What's The X Factor without a few "characters"? Well, if you were worried where the quirk factor would be coming from this year, worry no more - Honey G is back.

Unfortunately, Sharon Osbourne's contestant from the Philippines, Ivy Grace, had to leave the ITV competition because she couldn't get a US visa to go to Mrs O's Judge's House - and so the unlikely rapper took her place.

X Factor Honey G
Honey G is back (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

It wasn't a popular decision with everyone.

But Honey G has plenty of fans who were delighted by the news.

Although there was suspicion that the show just couldn't turn down an opportunity to be controversial.

Elsewhere, wildcards joined the competition which meant second chances for Saara Aalto in the overs group with Sharon, Samantha Lavery for Simon Cowell's girls - Ryan Lawrie joined the boys at Nicole Scherzinger's house, and Yes Lad were reunited with Louis Walsh's groups.