The Chase's Paul 'the Sinnerman' Sinha thinks snakes are vegetarian


The Chase's fearless chasers are renowned for their quizzing talents, but one of the show's biggest stars came unstuck during Thursday's 1,000th special episode.

Paul "the Sinnerman" Sinha managed to blunder on one of the show's easiest questions as he bizarrely thought snakes were vegetarian.

Faced with the question: "Which of the following can be used to describe a snake?", the Sinnerman opted for herbivore - meaning vegetarian - over vertebrate.

Bradley Walsh with all five Chasers,

He said he assumed snakes just eat grass - despite the reptiles notorious reputation for eating small rodents and even swallowing deer.

His opponent, Lisa, answered correctly and went on to win £19,000 alongside two other contestants.

Thursday's programme marked the ITV quiz show's 1,000th episode and featured all five chasers in a special edition.