Sir Terry Wogan Remembered: 50 Years At The BBC made us pretty emotional


Sir Terry Wogan's life was celebrated on Friday night, 50 years on from his first start in broadcasting.

Sir Terry Wogan Remembered: 50 Years At The BBC, on BBC One, brought about every emotion from the start for those who tuned in.

It reflected on Sir Terry's life as a young man, telling how he first got a job on an Irish broadcaster after he took a chance and applied. For five years previously he had worked at a bank.

People were pretty complimentary about Sir Terry's appearance in his early career ...

Oh Terry, you charmer.

The show also touched on his radio show, Wake Up To Wogan on BBC Radio 2, which had more listeners than any other in Europe.

And the secrets he gave on working in radio.

Radio presenter Jeremy Vine told a story about meeting Sir Terry in a lift on his way to work. He realised in the lift Sir Terry was on air in two minutes and had just arrived without rehearsal, to which Sir Terry replied: "I'm early today."

Two minutes later he was live on air and professionally opening his broadcast.

Sir Terry also presented Blankety Blank, Children in Need and his own TV chat show.

The show said he was voted the most popular TV personality in Britain 10 years running, while for a time the Queen and Prince Charles were the only people in Britain more famous than him.

Wogan became Sir Terry in 2005, receiving the honour from one of his most famous fans, according to the show, the Queen
Wogan became Sir Terry in 2005, receiving the honour from one of his most famous fans - the Queen (Fiona Hanson/PA)

One part of the show had a funny clip of Sir Terry speaking on his chat show with comic actor Gene Wilder, who also died earlier this year.

So how did people react to the show?

Some were struggling to accept the broadcasting legend has passed away.

Many shed some tears.

Some had memories of meeting him.

While others just wanted to thank him for the good times.

We think this bloke was watching the Ryder Cup, but we certainly appreciate the Wogan-love all the same.

We hugely enjoyed the tribute too. Rest in peace Sir Terry.