The Fall is back, and everyone loves Stella Gibson


Fans of The Fall had been waiting patiently for a new series of the drama, and tonight's opening episode was a chance for them to indulge their obsession with DCI Stella Gibson.

The cool, calm and collected detective is played by Gillian Anderson, and even in the face of having captured serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), cradled him after he was shot and sat out some of the most gory hospital scenes we've watched in a long time, she was still as poised as ever.

The Fall
Stella and Paul, reunited (BBC)

Jamie didn't exactly get the lines in tonight's instalment.

But Gillian's character didn't have a hair out of place as she coped with a day most of us will only see in our nightmares.

She also gave a great monologue on victims of sexual crimes that thoroughly impressed viewers.

Aside from the blood and guts, it may have been a slow start in terms of plot - but fans of the show found plenty to appreciate.