Hunted: The fugitives made some big mistakes but viewers reckon going for a curry while on the run probably tops it


Channel 4´s reality show Hunted, where 10 contestants go on the run for 28 days to evade capture from professional "hunters", forced us to ask ourselves some serious questions tonight.

What would you be prepared to give up in order to win a share of £100,000? Reckon you'd be able to give up going out for a curry?

Because it seems contestants Jeremy and Kirk couldn't.

Yep, these two, who are both ex-military FYI, decided to eat in a restaurant in the middle of Blackpool...while on the run.

Kirk and Jeremy
(Colin Hutton / Channel 4 Television)

The visit to the restaurant wasn't their only mistake either...and they were caught by the "hunters" soon enough.

At least it gave the curry house some good coverage.

Meanwhile, another fugitive, Mikaela, went waterskiing while on the run. Because why wouldn't you?

Viewers were then left very confused when later on, after her and Hamish were also captured, Mikaela was back in the water once again.

This time she was jumping in a canal...after she got caught. Erm...

Well, at least now we've definitely got some tips for what we probably wouldn't do if we went on the much as we like curry.