Desperados is hosting the world's first zero gravity music festival


Music festivals are already pretty crazy experiences, and that's with your feet firmly on the ground. So what if you stepped it up a notch and put on a party in zero gravity?

This is exactly what Desperados, Heineken's tequila flavoured beer, is planning to do. They've fused together two of our favourite things, science and beer, for the ultimate bass drop experience.

Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin and DJ group the Barong Family form the unlikely pairing that's bringing this unique music festival to life.

Bass drop festival.

So this is how it will happen: On October 4 festival-goers will hop into a plane in the Nevada Desert to start the party. When the bass drops, so does the plane - plunging everyone into zero gravity. Pretty different to your average night out, that's for sure.

Revellers will float 20,000ft above the Nevada desert amid flashing lights and pounding music. Not one for those with acrophobia, but definitely one for the thrillseekers.

Move over Glastonbury, because now you're going to want to put zero gravity festivals on your bucket list.