Is there a #tastierceleb than Kevin Bacon?


Drooling over David Beckham? Salivating at Scarlett Johansson? Imagine how much tastier your favourite celebs would be if they were... crossed with food?

It's a bizarre thought but makes for an oddly hilarious game, and people are all over it on Twitter.

David Beckham
Tasty... David Beckham (ITV)

Going for a strong topical pun, this is one of our favourites.

We're feeling hungry just thinking of these #tastiercelebs.

Hmm... not so much with this one.

There's something fishy about this suggestion.

Another frontrunner for Bake Off host?

We're starving - we could really go for a nice big bowl of...

Some celebs are always going to be much better set up for this game than others, though.