This eight-year-old film maker and her bear are Spielberg-esque, and will put a smile on your face


Actually, perhaps Wallace and Gromit creator and stop-motion animation expert Nick Park would be a more fitting comparison to eight-year-old film-maker Grace.

Grace creates stop-motion videos of her stuffed bear Beary and has been amazing viewers online with her skills. Her latest masterpiece is called Beary Goes To The Moon.

Before you go thinking she had help making this, there's a time-lapse video of her making the film too. It isn't simple either, using a pulley-type system to lower the makeshift spaceship.

The videos have received praise online for their positivity and she has earned more than 1,500 subscribers to her channel in only a month on the video sharing site.

When we asked Grace how she got into film-making she said: "Boredom. I really liked the stop motion videos by PES and I wanted to make my own. Beary's my friend and he's fun to work with. I make a lot of things."

She isn't wrong about that. On her website, BearyBusy, she posts pictures she's made of her time with Beary.

A drawing and a painting of Beary (and a friend)
Grace posts artwork to her website (BearyBusy)

And even photos of Beary's ancestors like Sir Beary here...

Beary's great-grandpa "emigrated from Bearylin" (BearyBusy)

"Grace really does create these by herself" said her mother Alison. Grace lives in Wisconsin, USA, with her parents and older sister - as well as her bearded dragon Thor, who features in her latest piece.

Her first film A Day In The Life Of Beary has more than 500,000 views on YouTube.

Beary with breakfast and a root beer
"Bears start every day with bacon, eggs, fruit and root beer" says Grace's website (BearBusy)

Cheers Grace - and Beary. We'll be on the look out for more from you soon.