There are THREE new additions to the Gogglebox cast and viewers are loving besties Mary and Marina


Just when you think you know all the families/friends sitting on the sofas on Gogglebox like they're your own best mates, Channel 4 go and surprise viewers with some new additions to the cast.

First up, from Bristol, meet best friends Mary (yes, another Mary) and Marina.

Mary and Marina sat on a sofa
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

Unsurprisingly, people on Twitter seemed to love the hilarious ladies, and their Bristolian accents, pretty much straight away...

Their commentary on the Brangelina split was especially great - including their reaction to Brad Pitt's beard.

Other Gogglebox newbies include the three T's, who are from Bristol too.

three t's sat on a sofa

Oh, and there's a new family of four from Dorset on our screens.

While many people seem to be (mostly) loving the newbies, there's no ignoring that there were some major concerns for some viewers.

Certain Gogglebox cast members were missing from this week's episode - yes, Sandy and Sandra, we're looking at you.