Get that perfect OOTD every time, buy yourself an Instagram husband/wife


It's not what it sounds like, we promise.

Instagram hasn't transformed into a dating app overnight or anything, in fact an Instagram husband is the person who takes the pictures for you. This could be your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mum, dad, basically anyone who you trust enough to get the winning shot.


Such is the demand for this relationship, that Task Rabbit are offering the service for £23 an hour.

The idea is that street style photographers can be hired to get the perfect snaps for Instagram (without the huffing and puffing and rushing that you could expect from your real husband/wife).

Not only will these photographers follow you around for the day and take pictures of your #ootd, they'll also provide recommendations on lighting, the right filters to use and give honest feedback on the photos that will reap the best likes.

Although it may sound a little bizarre at first, you can see the appeal.

The service is perfect for vloggers, bloggers and anyone wanting to become insta-famous!

In a world where we invest heavily to look good in real life, and the pressure is growing to carry this over to your online presence, who wouldn't want to pay?