Adele is 'desperate' to go to university after giving up the chance to go into music


Adele is one of the most successful stars of her generation, but the multi award-winning singer/songwriter has revealed a desire to go to university.

According to reports, the 28-year-old was on-stage at a concert in Boston last week when she made the revelation to the audience.

"I'm desperate to go to university," she told the crowd. "I know that sounds ridiculous but it's one thing I really plan on doing."

Adele to go back to school? (Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire/PA Images)

She then went on to explain how she gave up the chance to go into higher education to pursue her music career.

"I was about to start university in Liverpool in England and then I got offered a record deal, so I was like,'Ugh, what do I do?' Obviously I took the record deal which I don't regret at all."

According to The Sun, she explained that she wants to check out Harvard University, the world-famous Ivy League school just outside of Boston.

Adele in 2008 (Joel Ryan / PA Archive/PA Images)

She said: "I want to go and do a tour of Harvard but I don't want anyone thinking I'm smart enough to go to Harvard.

"I'm going to buy a T-shirt so I can sleep in a Harvard T-shirt. I think I would pretend to wear glasses if I went to university."

She also reportedly hinted that she is set to take a 10-year break from touring in order to spend time with her three-year-old son Angelo.