See Orlando Bloom's sex tape, and other things we've learned from his Instagram


Orlando Bloom finally made his Instagram account public this week. Hurrah!

Orlando Bloom taking photos with fans
We can now see more pics of Orlando (Lionel Cironneau/AP)

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star has been on the social media site for a year, but wouldn't share his snaps with us until now...and they include his sex tape.

Ok, it might be captioned "my sex tape", but it's not exactly what you think.

He announced his new public status with a photo of a note saying "I caved...". So, what else do we now know about Mr Bloom from having access to his photo album?

First off, he got his hair did.

He told us: "back to blond...rolling to set..."

This glorious video captioned: "when you are chasing down the guy who stole your swimming trunks" makes us wish that we were that guy.

Oh, go on then, we'll watch this one, too.

He's got some lovely snaps in his family album, including this sweet photo of his mum.

He's a fan of a fruit plate the like of which the parent of a particularly fussy eater may have spent time creating. Check out "morn meal".

He may have some questionable items in his wardrobe.

He made these officers' day.

He likes to take photos of his good work with Unicef from around the world.

He shares quite a few inspirational quotes. Here are just a couple.

He has a pep talk just for you.

We're a little concerned we might just have seen his pee.

Keep them coming, Orlando! Except for that last one. We could do without seeing that again.