Frank Ocean to produce a physical version of album 'Blonde'


Frank Ocean released his former Apple Music exclusive album, Blonde, last month shortly after the release of his visual album Endless.

Ocean fulfilled his contract with Def Jam with the release of Endless, and he therefore decided to release Blonde independently. This means he is without a distribution partner.

It looks like Ocean is on the look out to speed-up the release of a physical version of Blonde. Billboard have reported that he's searching for a label or distributor who can help him release the album on a wider scale.

Frank Ocean
(Jordan Strauss/AP)

The only way to get your hands on the album in a physical format was through the release of his Boys Don't Cry zine, which was released in limited quantities for free via numerous pop-up shops around the world.

Insiders told Billboard that he is likely looking to work with a distribution partner that can help cover both digital services and music stores around the world, with BMG believed be the current frontrunner.