The Vogue documentary was all about the celeb spotting

BBC viewers got a privileged look inside the glamorous world of the fashion bible tonight in Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue.

The programme charted one documentary maker's stint in the offices of the legendary magazine, shadowing editor Alexandra Shulman.

As you might expect, there were plenty of power struggles going on between staff, but the main point of watching for many of us seemed to be the celeb spotting opportunities.

Alexandra Shulman at Vogue
Alexandra Shulman edits Vogue (BBC)

Early on, we saw Alexandra meeting Victoria Beckham who wanted to show off her latest collection.

We got a bit giddy when Hugh Jackman popped up in a hotel room for a fashion shoot that entailed lounging on a bed and in a bath.

There was even a rare sighting of supermodel Kate Moss, famed for shunning interviews, who agreed to a brief chat on camera at a cover shoot where she wore one of Mick Jagger's old jumpsuits.

And whetting our appetite for the second part next week, we saw British Vogue change their Mossy cover to Rihanna at the last minute to get in ahead of the US version, who were due to be selling Ri-Ri as a cover star in the same month.

But apparently US Vogue had no idea about the underhand move, and with the documentary maker set to interview their editor Anna Wintour the next day, we were left waiting to find out whether it would be handbags at dawn.

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