7 features we'd actually love to see from the new iPhone 7


The countdown is officially on to the big reveal of the iPhone 7 later today.

We've heard all the rumours - no headphone jack, better camera, yada yada yada - but what about the updates and functions that we all *really* need in our lives?

Like these, for example ...

1. Vetoing any messages that are likely to cause feelings of great sorrow and regret the next day

Night GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. Filtering out social media posts your phone just knows you'll find annoying 'cos it *gets* you

3. Deleting all the bad selfies from a batch of 20-odd to save you the embarrassment of scrolling back through them yourself

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4. Being completely indestructible - from water, concrete, moving vehicles, whatever

a smashed iphone
THIS - which is the genuine aftermath of a run-in with a tram - would be a thing of the past (Jessica Pitocchi/PA)

5. Having a battery life that lasts about a week like these old beauties

6. Adding an emergency button that sends an emoji guidebook to those who repeatedly misuse the grimace face as a grinning face

7. Staging an intervention when you've been browsing through Facebook for 15 minutes and somehow find yourself on your old school friend's boyfriend's brother's profile

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Apple, you're welcome.