The Made In Chelsea: South Of France finale provoked a whole lot of anger on Twitter


Tonight marked the finale of the explosive season of Made In Chelsea: South Of France. Understandably, MIC fans were pretty devastated by this.

Luckily enough, the episode was choc-full of drama to more than make up for this sadness. The main #drama was between Jamie, his girlfriend Frankie and best friend Alex.

Screengrab from Made in Chelsea.

So, to get you up to speed: Alex accused Frankie of flirting with him and giving other guys her number, claims she fiercely denied. This caused Jamie to have to make the worst decision possible, between his best friend and his girlfriend.

As you can imagine, the fans had A LOT to say about this.

The majority of people felt a visceral, deep loathing for Frankie.

Especially when she said she'd break up with him if he went to Alex's party.

But other people thought that it was merely playboy Jamie getting his just desserts.

For some MIC fans, there was just too much choice as to where to direct their vitriol.

Whereas others weren't bothered by the drama at hand, because they were too preoccupied with Jamie's hair. Many thought that his barnet bore a striking resemblance to a certain movie scientist.

Phew. With nothing resolved in this episode, we might be leaving France behind us but we can guarantee on a whole lot more drama when the gang arrive back in London.